North Denver Awaits Remaining I-70 Sound Barrier

By The Denver North Star Staff

Funding for concrete sound barriers along I-70 between Pecos Street and I-76 was approved in 2021. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) completed part of the project, a 5,500-foot segment between Tennyson Street and Lowell Boulevard, in 2022. 

However, 50-year-old timber fencing in disrepair remains along much of the targeted segment of highway today, with several sections having fallen down altogether. 

Timber fencing in disrepair along I-70.

According to CDOT, construction on the remaining 3 miles of sound walls, as well as new guardrail, is expected to begin in January 2024 and end in spring 2026. The project requires CDOT to obtain temporary easements near the west limit of the project, between Marshall Street and Harlan Street.

A contractor will be hired this fall and a project schedule will be made available when construction begins in January.

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