Help Shape Our Election Coverage This Year

By Kathryn White

News organizations across Colorado have been asking themselves if traditional election coverage has served communities well, if it’s been too driven by the horse race of polls and pundits, or if reporters have listened too much to candidates and not enough to you, the voters.

The Denver North Star is joining newsrooms across the state in doing something that we all need to get better at: listening. 

Voter Voices 2024 asks Coloradans what their priorities are in this election cycle so that we can report and write more responsive, representative and fair stories. We want to capture not simply the odds, but the stakes.

The heart of Voter Voices is a short survey built around a key question: “What do you want candidates to talk about as they compete for your votes?”

Help Shape Our Election Coverage This Year. Scan this QR code or go to our survey page.

At The Denver North Star, we’re particularly interested in hearing from voters casting a ballot for the first time. We hope teachers and parents will gather around a table with young voters and talk about the questions they see on the survey, exchanging ideas on issues that matter and how our democratic process, political parties, government entities and elected officials can best serve every level of community, from North Denver to the country as a whole.

We want to hear from YOU, whether you vote in every election or only once in a while. Whether you’re conservative, liberal or somewhere in between. Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or aligned with a less prominent party — or no party at all. Whether you’re inspired by what you envision the country can become, or have lost hope.

What are your top three concerns? How much faith do you have in the election process? We’re asking you to tell us a little about yourself so that we can ensure that we are, in fact, listening to all parts of our community. You can choose to remain anonymous. We hope you won’t. 

Please, take a few moments to scan this QR code to fill out the survey or visit our survey page. Colorado voters can guide us in creating a model for election coverage that puts citizens — what you care about and why — first.

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