Pen Ready? State Primary Ballot Arrives Week of June 3

By Kathryn White

In an election year that has already given registered voters a chance to weigh in through political party precinct caucuses and county conventions, voters’ next opportunity to select the candidates of their choosing arrives in mailboxes the week of June 3.

Denverites registered Democratic, Republican and Unaffiliated will receive primary ballots for their respective party, with unaffiliated voters receiving both ballots and eligible to cast votes on one.

North Denver voters will see candidates on their ballots for one federal office (District 1 Representative to U.S. Congress), University of Colorado Regent, Denver District Attorney and State House Districts 4 (HD4) and 5 (HD5).

The Republican ballot consists of single candidates running unopposed, and no candidates for Denver District Attorney.

The Democratic ballot lists incumbent Rep. Diane DeGette for U.S. Congress with a write-in option for eligible candidate John Wren. 

Most of North Denver is represented in the state House by House District 4, where two candidates—Tim Hernández and Cecelia Espenoza—will appear on the primary ballot. The Denver North Star February 2024 issue explored these candidates at length and can be found online at

HD5 incumbent Alex Valdez is running unopposed for a final term.

Denver District Attorney candidates for Democrats are Leora Joseph and John Walsh. CU Regent choices are Elliott Hood and Charles “CJ” Johnson.

In the 2020 state primary, 124,477 Democratic Denverites cast votes, as did 18,550 Republicans and 69,983 unaffiliated voters.

Sample ballots and information about how to vote in Denver can be found at Voters can sign up for BallotTrax at to follow their ballots as they are sent in the mail to them and arrive back at Denver Elections.

Help Shape Our Election Coverage This Year

To register to vote or confirm or change your party affiliation, visit Voters wishing to change party affiliation must do so by Monday, June 3.

The Denver North Star and G.E.S. Gazette readers began sharing election coverage input with us last month through Voter Voices 2024, a short survey built around the question, “What do you want candidates to talk about as they compete for your votes?” Please, take a few moments to add your input by scanning this QR code to fill out the survey.

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