No Matter Who Owns It, It’s Your Community Newspaper

By David Sabados

David Sabados

In 2019, we founded The Denver North Star to fill a community need. The long running North Denver Tribune had closed a few years prior and residents were left without a hyperlocal news source. I’m unbelievably proud of the work this small team puts into creating a high quality, award-winning newspaper each month. It has grown into its tagline, “Your guide to politics, arts, and culture in North Denver.”

At the same time, we’ve been struggling financially. Last year, we began looking at alternative ownership and revenue models, non-profit conversion and other ideas to decrease costs and increase revenue. 

We’ve found a solution that will not only keep The Denver North Star in print, but will help grow the paper and create a stronger community news ecosystem in our city. 

On May 1, Colorado Community Media took over ownership and operation of The Denver North Star and our bilingual sister outlet The G.E.S. Gazette.

If you follow the news about media outlets being swallowed up and gutted by hedge funds, and are concerned about your community paper, don’t worry. This is absolutely not the situation. CCM works to preserve and support local media. They can transform the paper’s operation into a nonprofit entity, which will save thousands of dollars a month on delivery, integrate our newsroom efforts with their existing two Denver neighborhood papers, and bring in more advertising dollars by adding regional businesses to the amazing neighborhood businesses who support the paper as part of their marketing efforts. 

I never thought of The Denver North Star as “my” paper, despite being the legal owner, and it’s not really “their” paper now either. It’s yours. It’s North Denver’s. Every month, we hear what you liked, didn’t like and want to see us covering in the future. Most importantly, the team working on the paper every month is staying intact. Kathryn will remain as editor, ensuring a North Denver perspective at the helm. Our thoughtful, engaging local columnists remain a treasured asset. Behind the scenes, our team will be working to ensure a smooth transition.

A newspaper’s work is more than just the articles on the pages too. Last year, we were proud to host sanctioned forums for important political races like Denver Mayor and City Council. Being part of a group means we can do even more. The Denver North Star is actually Denver’s biggest monthly community paper and now we will be working with other community media outlets dedicated to bringing you serious news and lighter content, supporting neighborhood groups and building community.

I want to again thank everyone who donated in the last year when we reached out. The over $14,000 you contributed helped keep the paper going while we figured out this long term solution. You kept your community paper alive. Thank you. 

I especially want to thank my wife, Emma Donahue. She supported me in the creation of this paper and then dove in a few years later, volunteering to serve as the paper’s business manager. She’s ensured that the bills are paid, invoices are sent and the paper’s operations have been smooth behind the scenes. It wouldn’t exist without her.

As the saying goes: if you love something, set it free. I’m honored to have served as the guardian for this important community effort since 2019 and I know it will be in good hands in the future. See you around the neighborhood.


David Sabados is a founder of The Denver North Star and has served as Editor, Publisher, Paper Boy, Salesman, Complaints Department, and “Other roles as needed” since its inception. Dave and his wife Emma have lived in three North Denver neighborhoods and last year bought a home in Inspiration Point.

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