Tools For The Creative Life: Performance Psychology and Mental Wellness in Creative Practice

Tools for the Creative Life is a workshop series aimed at providing creatives with connections, new skills, inspirational capital and tools to craft a healthy creative ecosystem. Join RiNo Art District, Playground Ensemble, BRDG Project, and the Creative Integration Initiative for a cross-disciplinary panel discussion on Feb. 15 at 5:30pm at BRDG Project (3300 Tejon St.)

In this Tools for the Creative Life workshop, we will explore how creatives can return humanity to their creative practice by naming some of the unspoken aspects of what is expected of creatives, dispelling the myth of an artist as a gifted practitioner who either performs/produces or does not. We will also explore how many creative activities, such as performing on stage, marketing one’s practice, and more, are learned through instruction but there are many skills expected of creatives that we are not commonly given a script for. To help disturb this sink-or-swim mentality, we will discuss how we can uncover hidden beliefs in our practice and deepen our self-compassion, resiliency, and seek the tools needed for mental wellness in a creative field.

Free with RSVP:


Feb 15 2024


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


BRDG Project
3300 Tejon St, Denver, CO 80211


RiNo Art District / Sean Billisitz

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