Identity, Power, and Art: February 1st, Identity and Collage

Join artist SPEAKS, RiNo Art District, and RedLine Contemporary Art Center for a program series centered on exploring identity and creating art. This workshop series runs all of 2024 and ends in a group show celebrating the artwork participants create. In this series we aim to deepen and explore our personal connections to our artistic and creative expressions. We also ask questions about how we view and understand ourselves in relation to art. What does it mean to truly “identify” with someone’s artwork? What does it mean to see ourselves in our art?

This workshop series builds. Join us for each workshop to get deeper into your exploration of self and creative practice. The workshop series culminates with a group art show. Drop ins and one-off attendees are very welcome! Participants will be provided with art making materials. Light food and drink will be provided.

February 1st: Identity and Collage—What does it mean to have an identity? What does it mean to have multiple intersections of our identity, and how can we express these intersections through our artwork? Join us to explore these questions and to test out how the many facets and intersectionalities of identity are at the forefront of how and what we create.

Meet SPEAKS—Devin Urioste is born and raised in Denver. His work is influenced by the culture he was raised in and embodies what it means to give his community a voice, and platform to speak from. His work is rooted in graffiti, skateboarding, music, street culture, social justice, and many more. (IG: @goodlooksvol.1)

Free with RSVP:


Feb 01 2024


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


RiNo Art District / Sean Billisitz

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