Cowboy Conversations: We Are Coming

Artist, writer, and graphic novelist Alan Brooks hosts this conversation series that brings together artists from the Cowboy exhibition with scholars and other guests to unravel the complex history, stereotypes, and legends surrounding the American West through the intersection of contemporary art and American history.

The golden age of staged outdoor horse and rider entertainment began in the 1880s – led by William F. Cody’s self-titled “Buffalo Bill’’s Wild West” show. This genre of show was elemental in the creation of the cowboy figure within American Western mythology. In 1899, Cody hired three Filipino individuals to join his “Congress of Rough Riders of the World.” Though these three were largely forgotten to history, artists Yumi Roth and Emmanuel David discovered their names in an 1899 route book and have since been working with period-era theaters to correct the historical record by displaying the trio’s names – Ysidora Alcantara, Felix Alcantara, and Geronimo Ynosincio – on vintage theater marquees.


Cost $5-20


Dec 07 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


MCA Denver at the Holiday Theater
2644 West 32nd Street Denver, CO 80211


MCA Denver at the Holiday Theater

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